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So cute yet fierce, is he from hell?

Apr 16

Dropped Dropbox

I stopped using Dropbox, which isn’t really a big deal except that I’ve uploaded some stuff in the past that I shared on Tumblr so uh

I’m gonna reupload them to a different file hosting site and then make a post with the new download links….

Apr 8

Anonymous asked: Horror story about a man who has been cursed with horrific, ever-worsening flatulence, but it comes out of his mouth whenever he tries to talk. He drives his family away, and eventually lives alone, having driven away or killed everything that comes near him with his noxious effluvium. At the climax he suffers a mental breakdown. "Help me!" he cries "Make it stop! Make it stop!" But all that comes out of his mouth are deafening farts, hurling him backwards with cannonball force.


i — ok. A+

Apr 7

iTunes Library Write Up

How many songs? 20537

Sort by song title
First Song: ~エンディング~ ( Junichi Masuda/Shinji Miyazaki, TV ANIME POCKET MONSTERS ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK BEST 1997-2010) - Title translates to ~Ending~.

Last Song: … (Yuka Tsujiyoko, Fire Emblem: Awakening) - Yes, this song is actually titled … Ellipsis is a good track name

Sort by time
Shortest Song: 0:04 Game Start (Koji Kondo, Yoshi’s Island Original Sound Version) -  I delete most tracks that are shorter than 10 seconds or so unless they’re jingles I’m really fond of. This is one of them
Longest Song: 49:27 Secret of Mana (Hiroki Kikuta, Seiken Densetsu Music Complete Book) - this is an arranged medley of pretty much every track in Secret of Mana. I have only listened to it all the way through once

Sort by artist
First Artist: 〆G - Pronounced Shime G. A doujin artist
Last Artist: 709sec. - Another doujin artist. I also have a few tracks where the Artist field is left empty but I’m not counting those

Sort by album
First Album: Absolution (Muse)

Last Album: 8-Bit Twilight OST (Doctor Octoroc) - idk why I have this.

Top 3 Most Played Songs
For the record, my iTunes library has been wiped a few times so this only represents my top most played songs from the past two years or so.

First: 38 plays Gaur Plains (ACE+, Xenoblade Original Soundtrack)
Second: 35 plays Mechanical Rhythm (ACE+, Xenoblade Original Soundtrack)
Third: 34 plays The Reluctant Heroes <Vocal: mpi> (Hiroyuki Sawano, Attack on Titan Original Soundtrack) - worth mentioning that Hiroyuki Sawano is doing the music to the Xenoblade successor.

Death: 111includes the albums “Act II - The Father of Death” by The Protomen  and “The Sentence of Death” by Hellion Sounds
Life: 124 - a large chunk of this is due to the OC Remix FFVII album “Voices of the Lifestream”
Love: 194 
Hate: 10
You: 697 also includes Your, Young, and several Japanese words that end in -you
Sex: 18largely due to the artists SEXY-SYNTHESIZER and Sex Bob-Omb

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New Mega64 video!

This video features a very special guest and also attacks on electronics in the name of Christ Jesus

Apr 6

Apr 3


Kirby’s Dreamland 3, j’adore ce jeu car les graphismes sont doux et vont bien avec les musiques et le rythme reposant.

Petit cycles =)

This game is nice, with a friend really amazing ^U^ !!

Promenade = Walk or a walk =) 

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New Release: Legend of Romantics

Venus Patrol and Keita Takahashi have partnered again to bring you the Legend of Romantics shirt!

Designed by Keita Takahashi ( nodo-chinko ), creator of Katamari Damacy and Noby Noby Boy, Legend of Romantics is the sequel to last year’s Video Game Romantics shirt. It comes in two simple colors, chosen by Takahashi because he likes plain colors. The blue one features glow-in-the-dark stars!

I like this shirt a lot

Mar 31
more sprites to go with thesei&#8217;m still figuring out how to do things

more sprites to go with these
i’m still figuring out how to do things


Ante Up with the Blackjack Casino Cards!

Fangamer's second foray into the world of playing cards takes inspiration from Final Fantasy VI. Illustrated by LauraMW, the Blackjack Casino Cards will add a touch of classy nerdiness to your next card game!

The Blackjack Casino Cards are manufactured by the US Playing Card Company, the same people who make Bicycle playing cards, so you know you’re getting a quality deck~

these are real cool

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